–҉—–҈—–҈–18-WhyNot? Perchè no? –҉—–҈—–҈– The flavor of June

They can be used as flavouring to various drinks, or used to make fresh juices
alone or in combination with other fruits without forgetting to add a few drops of lime, Citrus aurantifolia

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ᴥThe Glazed ᴥ Rosa canina, Dog rose ᴥ Lofty 13

Rosa canina, Dog rose, is a perennial shrub that belongs to Rosacea family. Rosa canina is used as a source of vitamins, medicinal supplements and food. It contains various vitamins (especially vitamin C) and other valuable compounds such as polyphenols, carotenoids, carbohydrates and fatty acids [1]. I frutti svolgono azione diuretica, depurativa, vitaminizzante, ipoglicemizzante, antiinfiammatoria […]

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